About Us

Our Beginning

Our founding partner was first established in 1988, before the creation of Jaz n Angel in 2020. We were created in a vibrant boutique located in West End, Brisbane, there soon after we launched online allowing us to reach women all over the world.


Our Meaning 

It is vital to us that our Jaz n Angel customers receive the best experience where we give women the ability to enhance their personality and become whoever they wish through a versatile wardrobe. Within the coming future, we aim to spread our company purpose and remind all women they are beautiful.


Our Team 

Our humble office and boutique, located in West End, consists of 6 hard-working employees who manage our shop front while we have girls working on our online store. Our girls have a large variety of skill sets from styling, marketing, sales and modeling which helps create the magic behind Jaz n Angel.


Company Information

 ABN: 43 493 306 224

Address: 83A, Boundary Street West End, Brisbane.

Customer Care Email:

Sales Email: