Meet The Team



Savanh Claire - Sales & Content Creator

Savanh (Sav) is the sales and assistant content creator for Jaz n Angel. Within the team, Sav drives the sales and builds strong relationships between our customers. Amongst this, she provides Jaz n Angel with insightful consumer information. This, as a result, allows our team to best serve our customers by providing you with amazing styles, customer service, and beautiful online content. Within the office, Sav helps create content for social media and provides top-tier customer service. Out of the office, Sav spends her time singing and practicing with her band! As well as seeing her friends and trying amazing new cuisines.


Mia Soriano - Administration and Customer Care
While working in the office, Mia reaches out to model agencies as well as contact and work with social media influencers. She assists in everyday administration tasks, such as contacting clients, responding to customers and helping with any reports. Outside the office, Mia spends her time studying for her Speech Pathology Bachelor’s Degree or by the poolside with her two sausage dogs!


Hariata Nepe - Fashion & Makeup Artist
Hariata (Hari) is the Hair & Makeup artist for Jaz n Angel and is responsible for preparing all our models for upcoming shoots! On shoot days, she keeps a close eye on all models by constantly fixing their hair & makeup through all the long shoots! Harri is responsible for ensuring that the appearance of the models suits the styles in the shoots, either it being a Street Style or Boho Shoot! When Harri isn’t working with the Jaz n Angel team, she is working as a hairdresser!


Brock O’Brien - Photographer
Brock is our Photographer and is responsible for all the beautiful content on our website and social media! Brock works closely with Teyanna to prepare for upcoming shoots by choosing locations that suit styles and directing the movement of models! Brock is responsible for coming up with bright new ideas and creating video advertisements for Jaz n Angel. Outside of the office, you find Brock playing sports or working as a Videographer for his company!