Meet The Team

Adeline - Sales & Social Media Marketing 

Adeline shines as a dual asset, seamlessly blending the roles of sales expert and social media marketing. She not only communicates the value of our products but also fosters deep audience engagement. Beyond her skillset, Adelines boundless enthusiasm and collaborative approach infuse our brand with creativity and innovation, driving us toward continued success.


Christine - Online & In-Store Sales Representative 

Christine, our sales whiz, brings flair and expertise to every customer interaction. With her keen sense of style she effortlessly helps everyone find their perfect pieces. Christine's friendly approach and helpful advice create a laid-back atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and excited to browse. Her commitment to going above and beyond ensures that everyone walks out not just with clothes, but with a smile and a newfound confidence in their look.


Abbey - Sales & Store Merchandiser 

Meet Abbey, the dynamic sales representative! With her infectious enthusiasm and eye for style, Abbey brings a vibrant energy to our store. From the carefully curated displays to the artful arrangement of accessories, every corner of our store reflects Abbey's impeccable taste and attention to detail. She doesn't just sell clothes; she creates an immersive experience where customers can explore trends, experiment with new looks, and leave feeling like they've just stepped off the runway


Kayla - Sales & Outreach Expert

Meet Kayla, our multifaceted team member who effortlessly handles sales and influencer outreach. With her exceptional interpersonal skills and keen networking prowess, Kayla cultivates valuable connections with influencers and models while driving sales success. Her ability to seamlessly integrate sales strategies with influencer partnerships contributes significantly to our brand's growth and visibility within the fashion industry.